Summer Camp! Sunday, July 30 - August 5

  • Pack clothes in gallon ziplocks (1 outfit / day, labeled "Monday," "Tuesday," "swim," etc.)
  • Pack the ziplocks into a large plastic bin -- not a suitcase or a backpack. REASON: the dew point moves through the mountains, and everything gets damp. If things are sealed in plastic, they will stay dry.
  • A mesh laundry bag is helpful for kids to throw all their dirty clothes at the end of each day.
  • Remember to pack sunscreen & bug spray
  • There are fountains everywhere, but also pack a water bottle
  • Pack a simple string backpack -- we will leave the campsite everyday carrying what we need (i.e. - swimming stuff) to minimize the treks back and forth to the tent area.

  • Sleeping bag or a couple blankets, packable pillow.
  • Stuffed animal / comfort object if it will help with nighttimes.
  • Kids sleep 2 boys per tent, on little springy cots. PARENTS DO NOT SLEEP WITH THEIR KIDS.
  • Scented dryer sheets tucked along the ridgepole of the tent will keep away mosquitoes and other insects. Bring a box of dryer sheets!
  • Flashlights / headlamps are useful; small lanterns can be tied to the overhead tent ridgepole for an overhead light.

  • A group from our pack will be assigned the task to set up before each meal
  • Grace is said together
  • There is a salad bar and fresh fruit at meals. If your kid has any dietary restrictions, allergies, etc - please make it known ASAP.
  • After meals, the boys are responsible to clean up, sweep, organize dishes
  • If you send any food or snacks with your kid, please give it to Mr. Dono to secure. We do not want raccoons digging through the tents, looking for snacks!!
  • There is a canteen that sells drinks, ice cream, candy, chips, etc. at certain times. If you wish, you can provide your kids with a small amount of spending money to buy treats.

  • Boys wear their Class A uniforms TO / FROM camp
  • Boys will wear their Class A uniforms every evening for dinner. Pack a clothes hanger so the boys can hang their uniforms up each night.
  • As much as possible, minimize the uniform -- shorts, shirt; no need for belt loop awards, hanging attachments, etc.
  • For the rest of the time, Class B t-shirts or Cub Scout t-shirts (whatever you have -- no need to go out and buy more cub scout shirts)
  • Sun hats / baseball caps
  • Rain poncho or rain jacket -- activities continue through all weather.
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt for evenings. It gets cool at night.
  • Closed-toe sandals (like Keens) are permissible -- but no open-toe sandals, flip flops, Crocs, etc.

  • There are three swim sections (shallow, mid-level, deep). In order to swim in the mid- or deep level area, your child needs to pass a swim test.
  • Kids get swim instruction every day.
  • Showers are in the swim area. Optimistically, pack soap and shampoo.

  • Put your child's name on everything
  • There will be a quiet time every day after lunch -- if your kid is inclined to read a book or comics, or play cards, pack something like that.
  • If you wish, your Scout can "move up" to the next level in Cub Scouts at camp -- Tiger to Wolf, Wolf to Bear, Bear to Webelos.

Medical / In case of emergency:
  • Mr. Dono will hang a blue lantern outside his tent at night, so kids can find him if they need something
  • There is a 24 hr paramedic / nurse on staff
  • If your child takes any medication, make sure it is original containers and labeled. The nurse will hold on to it and dispense the medication. Exceptions are Epi-pen and inhalers.
  • Have your doctor or pediatrician fill out, sign and DATE-STAMP the BSA medical form A, B, C. This is absolutely required for everyone, kids and adults.
  • Parents will be notified in the event of an emergency.

NO NO's:
  • NO FLIP FLOPS, no Crocs
  • No umbrellas
  • NO food in the tents!